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What is Heritage CARES?

Heritage CARES is a confidential and evidence-based virtual program for substance misuse and suicide prevention and intervention. We focus on harm reduction and behavioral modification to encourage taking the first steps toward recovery.



An online learning management system with the largest video library of education, inspiring stories, and insights about substance abuse and suicide.

Care Management


A fast and secure way to communicate with trained health care professionals while streamlining suicidal and substance use risk analysis.

Peer Coaching


Our peer coaches are state-certified, NAADAC credentialed and specially trained in assertive engagement principles by the nation's leading recovery support experts. Our peer coaches are also trained as family recovery coaches and are specialists in engagement, retention, and system navigation.

Family Inclusive
We include family members and loved ones in support treatment to alter a patient’s substance use pattern in ways that bring about productive change for the entire family. 

Quality of Care
Heritage CARES is founded on sound clinical theory and practices such as motivational interviewing, harm reduction principles, and family systems theories.

Program users and their families can conveniently access support from licensed health care professionals on any mobile device at any time.

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Heritage CARES Solutions

Heritage CARES can be utilized in any setting.

Employee Program

According to the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence (NCADD), addiction costs employers $81 billion annually due to increased health care costs, increased absenteeism, and workplace injuries.
Heritage CARES as an Employee Program can protect your company from productivity loss and increased health care costs.

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Inmate Re-Entry Program

Within 2 weeks of their release, former prisoners are more than 129x likely to die of a drug overdose than the general public.
Heritage CARES as a Re-Entry Program provides inmates, recently released inmates, and their families with behavioral and substance abuse care through a virtual platform available 24/7/365.

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Pre-Care Program

Only 10% of people struggling with addiction issues receive help (Addiction Center). That means 90% of individuals with addiction issues do not seek help.
Heritage CARES as a Pre-Care Program encourages prospective patients to take meaningful steps toward receiving help for their addiction.

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After-Care Program

SAMHSA reports that 46% of Americans are struggling with substance misuse, or they have a close friend or family member that struggles.
Heritage CARES as an After-Care Program provides family support therapy,  relapse prevention, and addiction recovery continuity after departure from an in-patient facility.

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